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DIAVA Consulting Company is most experienced company in Albania in the forestry and natural resources.

Currently, the main achievements are: Design of management plans for state forests in Albania,  Design of management plans of the communal forests and pastures for 20 communes; project implementation in Protected areas, implementation works against erosion, rehabilitation of the environment, Environmental Impact Assessment, forest improvement Operation; evaluation of the economic analyses; studies with regard of social-economic issues; Assistance to the Albanian National Forest Inventory, Operations and Data processing, Management plan for Dajti National Park, Digitalization of maps (GIS), Waste Amount and Composition Survey, Study of Tirane-Durres area through satellite imagines, and the definition of environmental changes, environmental projects, Project Formation for Transport Network Development in Albania etc.

DIAVA has undertaken and implemented a number of activities and projects, some of which in co-operation with other foreign companies as: GOPA gmbh–Germany, Statkraft – Norway, CNVP International, International Value Planning Inc–JAPAN, SNV–the Netherlands, IEc – USA, DHV the Netherlands, HALCROW UK, EXIDEA Japan, AGROTEC Italy etc.

I. Studies and projects in Forestry and pastures

A – Project design Unit Size
Forest and pastures – management   plans  ha 122,176
Forest inventory ha 175,000
Afforestation projects ha 9,186
Erosion control measures m3 21,140
Forest improvement ha 9,746
Pasture lands improvement ha 12,698
Forest exploitations (harvesting) ha 1,984


B – Project implemented Unit Size
Erosion control (check dams) m3 1550
Afforestations (plantations) ha 1285
Forest improvement ha 812
Forest exploitations (harvesting) Ha 975


C – Supervising of the project implementation Unit Size
Erosion control (check dams) m3 370
Afforestations (plantations) ha 1050
Forest improvement ha 650
Forest exploitations (harvesting) Ha 1850


II. Environmental Impact Assessment

Diava has been involved in several projects/studies related to the Environmental Impact Assessments, Strategic Environmental Planning, socio-economic analyzes ect.


Diava Consulting Company has two main licenses;


  • In forestry sector: Expertise and certification services. Professional services for professional applications in forests and pastures studies. Professional services for project designs. Professional services for supervising and implementation works.
  • In environmental sector: Activity of expertise on environmental impact; Environmental Audit and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), environmental supervising etc.
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